A Message From Our Founder

Safety4Her’s creation was inspired by my own experience as a woman in the towing industry. Over the years, I struggled to find comfortable safety clothing that fit properly. The clothing available that would comply with state regulations was always too long, too wide, and/or too heavy. I realized that I could not be the only person having this issue and began to research it.

I quickly noticed that this issue went far beyond the towing industry. I noticed a profound lack of safe, practical clothing options for women across the board. We live in a new era, one where more and more women work in fields that were once dominated by men. I founded Safety4Her to help protect women in these industries by offering the clothing options they deserve.

Our company is Dedicated To Keeping Women Safe

We want women to feel empowered. We want to set an example for younger girls that nothing can stop you from being who you want to be. Our customers can expect the friendly, personalized customer care that comes from a family-owned business. Order online or call today to see what Safety4Her has in store for you!